Sparkling Memories



MEVISTO Edelsteinmanufaktur is a family-run company that specia­lizes in refining ashes into perso­na­lized jewelry. Under the motto “Wear your loved ones close to your heart”, MEVISTO plays a pioneering role in this segment.

MEVISTO’s challenge was to develop a solution for the various customer journeys and to identify the appro­priate technical solutions and processes for these. The focus was on the digital channels and the associated processes.

As digita­lization consul­tants, we imple­mented an indivi­dually tailored digita­lization workshop with the customer. This bundled internal expertise and expanded it to include crossconnect’s external perspective. After intensive research, workshop and analysis, we were able to hand over a strategy with concrete imple­men­tation steps to the customer at the end.

Every great project starts with a “hello”.